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        Home>About HKC>HKC G8.5+ Optoelectronics
        • Chongqing HKC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. was jointly financed and established by
          HKC CORPORATION LIMITED, Chongqing Strategic Fund and Chongqing Ba'nan Economic
          Park Construction Industry Co.,Ltd in April 2015 with a registered capital of 6 billion yuan.

          The HKC 8.5+ generation LCD Panel production line project is the first LCD Panel production line
          project that is oriented by mixed ownership enterprise in China. The total investment of the project
          amounted to 24 billion yuan, making it the largest single investment in the industrial history of
          Ba'nan District, and a major project of the Chongqing Municipal Government. The company is
          located in Zone B, Jieshi IT Industrial Park, Ba'nan District, Chongqing, covers an area of around
          1100 mu and has a total floorage of 740,000 square kilometers. The project was divided into two
          phrases. The first phrase has an investment amount of 12 billion yuan, covers an area of 600 mu,
          and the floorage occupies about 450,000 square kilometers. It introduces the a-Si (amorphous
          silicon) technology, and produces 70,000 glass substrates (2250x2600mm) per month.
          The annual output value is estimated to be 8 billion yuan after going into mass production.

          The 8.5+ generation LCD Panel project:
          The 8.5+ generation TFT-LCD Panel project of Chongqing HKC Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. adopted the a-Si (amorphous silicon) technology, which is the mainstream technology for the current TFT-LCD panel market.

          Because of the more advanced technology, the size of the mother glass that produced by the 8.5+
          generation production line is 6% larger than that produced by the previous 8.5 generation
          production line, and is also the largest in the mainland of China.
          The new model will be used in the production of televisions, tablets and computer monitors and
          other electrical appliances in our OEMs.

          The production line was brought into operation on February 27, 2017. By continuous commissioning equipments and tackling key technical problems, both the production yield and capacity
          utilization have attained a high rate of more than 90%. The production technology exceeds the
          industry average, and the equipment operation has achieved the best condition. Up to July, the
          cumulative shipments have already reached one million units.

          HKC has built a strong team with talent: we founded the Chongqing Optoelectronic Display
          Technology Research Institute with Chinese Academy of Sciences Chongqing Institute, gathered
          more than 800 researchers from Taiwan, Korea, etc. Each year, more than 10% of the total sales
          volume is allocated for research and development, that mainly focus on Micro LED or process
          optimization of OLCD and LCD, the two major trends of future technological developments.

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