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        • HKC Flatscreen-TV Has Become National Home Appliances Countryward Products

        • 2009-9-14
        • According to official announcement that household appliances go to the countryside on 25
          May, HKC  LCD TV  got all the successful bid ,and became one of enterprises that got the largest
          bid; household appliances go to the countryside is the project that are jointly promoted by State
          Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Finance.The state choose the cheap and good product in line with the rural consumption.Rural household consumers can directly access the government cash
          benefits to purchase these products. For the promotion of the countryward products,HKC establishd
          the quick and smooth service channel,and open the national hotline 4006780801, offers whole
          day hotline service to ensure the protection of the signal coverage, repair and consultation of
          rural user. At the same time,HKC also create specialized services website for the rural consumers
          access to check company policies and ensure that service is not blind.

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