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        • Huike Electronics Rose to top 37 in Shenzhen Top 100 Enterprises

        • 2010-3-23
        • This is a season of saving energy and showing results .
          "2009 Shenzhen top 100 enterprises"compositor activity was hold by Shenzhen Enterprise
          Association and Shenzhen Business News Paper. The enterprises participated the activity actively
          by phone, fax, letter, etc. , the relevant sector and industry associations actively recommended the
          firms, the applying situation is very prevailing.Total 180 companies participated in this sort of activity.
          This activity obtained strongle support of the functional departments and relevant experts of Chinese
          Enterprise Association, Guangdong Enterprises Federation and Shenzhen Academy of social
          sciences etc.,
          Through research and data auditing,they confirmed the selected list of "2009 Shenzhen top 100
          Enterprise compositor "; In this competition, the comprehensive strength of Huike
          Electronics(shenzhen) co., Ltd., won the unanimous endorsement of the competition authorities and
          diligent returns, the rankings from more than 90, soared to 37.
          All the people of one mind,ceaselessly move forward, Huike, come on!


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