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        • Sales Agency Agreement signature between Korea TGIC Electronics Co.,Ltd and Huike Electronics(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd

        • 2011-2-21
        • TGIC signed a 10-year sales agent agreement with Huike Electronics(Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd at 18
          February, 2011, and officially become strategic partner with Huike Electronics in Korea.
          President Wang Zhiyong, vice president of Lei Jian,and General Manager Xu Qiang and other
          responsible persons of Huike Elctronics attended the signing ceremony with President Mr OH YUN SUNG, General Manager Jeong I Jung of HKC Korea,. Both leaders delivered speeches in the
          signing ceremony, and highly appraised the complementary advantages of this strategy cooperation.


          Based on the agreement, TGIC will serve as a strategic marketing agency of Huike Electronics and
          take charge of the sales service in South Korea. Huike will promote itself to be bigger and stronger
          by means of the sale channel of TGIC.Meanwhile,this move is also requirement that Huike resolutely implement the marketing strategy of regional distribution, and actively expand the foreign markets in order to build a layout of global sale strategy,which is significant to Huike's monitor development in
          South Kore.Huike Electronics will take this opportunity to build a new platform and new mechanisms for further deepen international cooperation, improve resource utilization, business integration, sales service , and make new contribution for the development of company.


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