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        • HKC-the Highly Cost Effective National Brand

        • 2011-10-21
        • As early as two years ago, HKC already became the top 2 monitor brand in the sales quantity
          increase in internal industry, HKC monitor has been the highly cost effective user's good choice. In
          the market competition with the
          international brand: Samsung, LG and so on, highly cost effective
          HKC monitor lets people see its competitive advantage in the low-and-middle product.

          HKC is willing to make its monitor become popular brand, because this is also the image of HKC
          brand in consumer heart for a long time. Looking from some angle, the HKC innovation strategy
          is reflecting the Chinese Science and technology Company's universal choice. Looked from
          monitor brands in the second line--
          meets "lazy" user's need; They do not blindly pursuit the
          big brand like Samsung and so on. HKC's functional localization and the market ambition are-
          become the general consumer home use entertainment to have custom-made, cultivate young
          and highly cost effective user group.
          But in the second half of the year 2011, the LED industry's fast development causes the price gap
          between LED back light monitor and CCFL back light monitor's getting smaller and smaller, and the consumer are mostly willing to choose the LED back light product, thus promotes the market share big growth.

          HKC has the original after-sale service strategy, with the HKC product line's comprehensive renewal, the new location combination trend that from standard type to middle and high quality monitor is
          getting more and more clear . In the making personalization brand service, HKC still insisted that 3
          year comprehensive quality service. Considering the recent several years sales volume increase in
          the different market domain, HKC has more personalized services in view of the different local
          customer community.


          The operation pattern's innovation, the brand localization's explicit operation displays HKC out of the ordinary also and has the marketing strategy for showing the great foresight. According to the HKC
          latest news, HKC had already enriched the innate product mix, the product chain that from the
          primarily tabletop monitor, already extended to intelligent plate and integration computer, strive to
          become the highly cost effective brand.

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