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        • HKC Video New Products Conference

        • 2012-7-10
        • June 28, 2012 , " HKC 2012 video strategy and new products conference" was held by Huike Group in Shenzhen Polaroid International Hotel . As the leading domestic manufacturers of display device , HKC started from Monitor , after more than a decade of hard work , has become a national video brand leader wrestling with Samsung, LG and other famous international brands.


          After a long period of technological innovation and experience to upgrade, current video products has
          been greatly enriched and video products that are ruled as traditional desktop monitor has opened a new chapter in the era,HKC is growing to be giant fastly in video product market in this  environment

          HKC Group president :Mr. Wang Zhiyong introduced that HKC's booming is from the profound grasp of their own advantage, and a clear insight on industry trends, the current 
           HKC annual sales amount is RMB 6 billion , and keep the growth rate of 20% for several years to. Monitor annual output reach 600 million units, which is still absolutely the main contribution to sales and performance.The TV
          products annual production is 2.4 million units, which has become a powerful support for the Group's business; HKC hopeful tomorrow will be derived from the ongoing meaning transformation, including product diversification, restructuring, transformation of brand value, innovative core transformation and integration of supply chain transformation, then, HKC brand will  enter another new era .


          In the new products release, HKC Group shows total 10 new products including monitors, All in one machine, tablet PC, and mobile phones, smart TV, and the terminal teaching etc. The media and
          channel partners  have praised: seeing is believing, HKC is changing.

          This conference shows : home display terminals, handheld terminals and industry application
          terminal products. The home display terminal include monitor and Flat TV: The top-IPS LCD panel
          with luxury craft of the liquid crystal display flagship product: T7000, video and audio experience
          expand  center T2371, the transboundary everywhere: "CROSS Klose T2272i , T2270i are
          subordinate to display product line, flat-panel TVs include built-in Android4.0 system, Wifi wireless
          Internet access function L46V8.


          Handheld devices with 1.5G frequency dual-core A9 processor, super GPU image processing
          capabilities, the IPS wide viewing angle display MID product X101 and S81, M72, and so on. For
          terminals industrial applications, the Intel 32-nm dual-core dual-thread technology, the A100 and
          A200 in-one product, and specifically for the education industry: 65-inch, 80-inch interactive teaching whiteboard products, etc.


          HKC Group, general manager of marketing:Mr. Ma Xinghai stated that 2012 HKC brands is confident to outperform the market with the support of  the system layout and reliable products quality. First in the booming DIY polarization and the post-PC era of mobile Internet market, HKC believe that
          products, channels and services innovativation is necessary for HKC to win. 

          In the concrete operational level, HKC has established a consumer product sales channels (B2C),
          commercial products sales channels (B2B), and the line product sales channels and emerging
          online marketing channels, and make preparation for HKC brand new takeoff .

          Adhering to the "hard work, innovation, rigorous and realistic, with the times" business philosophy
          and spirit of enterprise, HKC in the Internet today, with a full complement of intelligent electronic
          terminal products, heavy launched the R & D results of the five product lines, so that the friends in
          the media and channel partners have full confidence in the benefit of new take-off. This grand new
          conference, highlighting a the HKC strong R & D strength, sense of innovation and robust manner,
          I believe the hand in hand with various partners, HKC will write a more brilliant music with a new

          Look at the phrase classic monologue, it is definitely not the best times, but what HKC shows to us is a rare vitality and passion; it is definitely not the worst of times, because we have  innovative and
          courage to challenge example,that is HKC.

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